Did you know?

An engine support of a 1100 is shorter than that of 1300.
The trunk of a mini is a very good soundbox.
A hole in the floor also helps to prefend wet carpet.
Mini’s actually made for housewives that drive bad.
The petrol price in the Netherlands is the highest in Europe.

The Mini Limo, made by John Cooper Garages (UK) is sold for a record £ 50.000 ($ 80.000) in September, 1997.
The lowest car is an Austin Mini. With an overall height of 60 cm and was built in October 1999.
Most people in a mini, 18 were women. This in July 3, 2000 has been reached.
The weight of a mini 850, 590 pounds is.
The fastest mini 218 km / h takes.
There are several movies which are a key mini games.
The mini is the classic of the century!
Mini drivers wave at each other.
The Monte Carlo rally is almost 4x in a row won by a mini from 1963-64.
3x times a mini won in Monte Carlo rally, it was rejected because of wrong fog lamps.
The first mini in 1959 to the public was proposed.
In 2000, rolled the last of the old mini band.
The mini car produced the longest ever is.
The Mini was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis.
The first mini cooper is 1961. This was a 997 cc engine.
There are 5,387,862 old minis made from 1959 to October 4, 2000.
There first and the last came from the same old mini MG Rover Longbridge plant.
In 1990, each week 25 mini’s sold in Japan.
In 1995 BWM bought the Rover Group which also fell under Mini.
Since 1997 there is an airbag in the Mini.
The mass production for the mini is starting from May 8, 1959.
The first mini’s cost to the dealer £ 496.
The first two versions of the mini the Morris Mini Minor and the Mini Se7en were.

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